❤ Notice

Saturday, August 6, 2011

We are back ladies!
We apologize for the M.I.A for the past year.
Do check our latest update!
Bags are not restockable unless stated.

We are having a 'Before Raya' promotion!
Option 1:
Buy any 1 bag [normal price] and get a clincher,pantyhouse/legging with 50% off!

Option 2:
Buy any clinchers, pantyhouse/legging and get the 2nd item with 50% off!
*bag is not included in the 2nd item*

Option 3:
Buy any items up to RM150 and get free postage anywhere in Malaysia!
*could include option1 or 2*

All promotion ends 01.09.2011, 00.00am :)
Hurry up girls! This is a chance that you can't miss!
Happy shopping! ;)

❤ O.L ❤

*click picture to enlarge*

An elegant O.L looked alike bag.
Made by PU leather.
Quality ensured!
Able to fit in A4 size paper.
No straps available.
2 colours are available.

Royal Purple
Dark Grey
Camel Brown


❤ Addiction ❤

*click image to enlarge*

Our all time favorite!
Made by soft leather. 
2 extra straps are given.
A4 size paper are able to fit in.
Available in four colours.



Friday, August 5, 2011

❤ Roar ❤

*click image to enlarge*

An all time favorite Leopard print! 
Able to fit an A4 paper.
No extra straps available. 
Made by PU leather.
Come with a small pouch.
A very convenient bag for college :)


*might be restocking*

❤ Buckle Up ❤

*click image to enlarge*

A simply clutch/bag that you could bring it to anyway.
Simple design with a magnetic buckle. 
Two straps are included.
Two colours available.
Do ask for more pictures if you wish :)



Thursday, August 19, 2010